Well, it’s Monday night.  My plan is to write a WDWN  (“what I did / what next”) or WidWin post every Monday.  (Yes, I did just make that up.)

As for what I did.  Well, I mostly thought about stuff.  What I’d like to do, what I can do…  As I’m writing the game, I’m trying to keep my capabilities in mind.  Ideas are easy.  You can create anything and everything you can imagine… on paper.

Creating a GTA style city, with millions of people going everywhere is not something I can realistically do.  Even if I had the desire and knowhow, it’d still take me forever² to do it.  I don’t see this as a bad thing.  Knowing what my limitations are will help me define what the game will be.

I also decided on a storyline.  It has zombies in it!  I figured there’s not nearly enough zombie themed stuff out there right now… … … …

Anyway, this one will have a little bit of a twist.  It may or may not be exactly the story I end up going with but I had to make a decision. If I don’t just jump in and get started, I could be stuck in this stage for years, writing and rewriting – looking for the perfect story.

So, I’ve got the basic idea for the game.  My goal this week is to spend some more time on the story outline and start thinking seriously about systems, tools and what I’m going to need to build.

OK, that’s it for now.

-source (media.giphy.com/media/9eM1SWnqjrc40/giphy.gif)


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