I had a broad idea for the story when I started but once I actually got into the details, things started getting thorny.  I’ve written a dozen different story drafts in the last couple of months.  Finally, I think I’ve found the right one.

As I said in an earlier post, I didn’t want to be so ambitious that I set myself up for failure.  After creating a compelling storyline – scope was my second biggest concern.  As I was writing, I kept asking myself, “can you pull this off in a reasonable time frame?”  Most of the time, it seemed like the answer was no.

Now I think I’ve got an idea that works in both scope and story – so that’s that.  Moving on..

I really feel like I need to start working on the main character.  The plan is to get him into Unity, in an environment – so I can start figuring out how the game is going to look.  Or, perhaps more importantly, how it’s going to look in Unity.

I’m finishing up another job this week.  After that, I plan to start working full time on the game.

I have enough savings to get by for ten months.

Ten months seems like enough time to get the game to early alpha.

That statement will probably seem absurd ten months from now.


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