Another Monday night!  (I need to start writing these in the morning.)

Well, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.  I’m starting to think this might be a reoccurring problem.

I’ve been working on the story outline and trying to figure out a good way to handle dialogue in the game.  I’m hoping to avoid hard coding things as much as possible, so I’m trying to build a tool that’ll let me write dialogue in the editor.  (I’m using Unity.)

My current plan is to wrap text lines (which will act as the VO script and subtitles) and references to the audio files up in a dialogue object; which can be serialized.  I started off thinking I might be able to use a standard Dictionary or List but Unity can’t serialize either.  Then I tried building a custom List that would serialize.  I got that working, but it was convoluted.  In the end I decided to just add some of the List functionality in the tool, which would let me use a “dynamic” serializable array to store everything in…

It’s taking longer than I expected.  This is partly because I don’t know what I’m doing, and partly because I’m trying to find the absolute best way to do everything.  I might need to abandon the “quest for the best,” and just be satisfied with “good enough for now.”  Trying to find the best solution is slowing me down.  I need to get this done and move on.

So that’s my goal for this week.  Keep working on the story and get a working dialogue system up and running.

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